The Great Cholesterol Lie Review – Dr Dwight Lundell

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The Great Cholesterol Lie by Dr Dwight Lundell

‘The Great Cholesterol Lie’ is written by thoracic surgeon, Dr. Dwight Lundell who has performed more than 5,000 heart surgeries. This ebook is one of the most timely and critically important books written since the cholesterol theory began in 1948. When I bought this ebook, I became angry at the whole cholesterol theory we have been led to believe for so many years! My own father died at 47…

The Big Cholesterol Theory Regarding Our Heart Health

Dr Dwight Lundell

Dr Dwight Lundell

It is because of Dr Dwight Lundell that I have even focused on understanding more about cholesterol and our heart health and started this website.

His book is about heart disease and the real killer, inflammation!

>>> Great Cholesterol Lie <<<

We are led to believe the real killer is cholesterol that is running amok throughout our body and that the only way to live is to take statins.

So we are told to reduce our fat laden foods and take our pills…this is causing an epidemic of heart disease and inflammation.

This is an extremely important book about cholesterol, heart disease and inflammation and has now sold worldwide across the US and 17 countries. Many people have heard about Dr Dwight Lundell and the Great Cholesterol Lie and I intend to let more people know about it!

I honestly wish I knew how to make the world aware of this topic…but big pharmaceutical companies have bigger budgets at ‘alerting’ the masses, than I ever could.

Who Is Covering Up The Truth?

I have personally told my family and friends about the cholesterol lie that pharmaceutical companies have led us to believe – and why wouldn’t they want us to think differently – money of course!
Great Cholesterol Lie eBook by Dr Dwight Lundell
Why would they want to hide us from the truth?

  • How much money are the drug companies making, by us not knowing and understanding that the real killer is – inflammation?If people stopped taking statin medications they would lose billions of dollars…yes billions.
  • Dr Lundell has seen what our hearts look like when he has operated on them and they were all exhibiting inflammation – even in young, otherwise healthy people! The inflammation stopped the flow.

What is it about this book? This book has an invaluable message…

  • “How You Can Heal Your Heart Simply and Naturally Without Cholesterol Medications.”

>>> Great Cholesterol Lie <<<

Inflammation – Find The Real Cure For Heart Disease

It doesn’t just apply to heart disease – the message of treating inflammation holds the key to improving all diseases.

  • Inflammation is what causes back pain, headaches, arthritis…just to name a few.
  • Our heart is a muscle. If it is inflamed of course there is going to be trouble! Big trouble!

He holds nothing back revealing his love for medicine yet his anger at the medical community for chasing the faulty theory of cholesterol. I have read some negative comments about Dr Dwight Lundell…and guess who I think has been making them…yes, the people who could lose money.

  • Not only has he delivered the insights of what a heart surgeon sees being the real cause, his recommendations have an added bonus.
  • It’s not a bonus you are probably expecting.
  • The bonus is an anti-aging one, where you can turn back the clock ten years.

This book is written and guaranteed by Dr Dwight Lundell – 25 year heart surgeon. He offers a 60 day 100% money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose whatsoever – except heart disease!

I have personally bought The Great Cholesterol Lie and now promote it to you and to anyone who will listen to me.

Without question, I believe this to be one ebook that everyone should read!

>>> Click Here For The Great Cholesterol Lie <<<

Watch this video of Dr Dwight Lundell answering questions from people like yourself…

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A Must Have

Jul 02, 2014 by Ruth Purcell

I just purchased Dr Lundell’s ebook and had to come back and tell you and anyone else reading this, that my husband and I are utterly gobsmacked! Every one should read this!

5.0 5.0 1 1 I just purchased Dr Lundell’s ebook and had to come back and tell you and anyone else reading this, that my husband and I are utterly gobsmacked! Every one should read this! The Great Cholesterol Lie
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