How To Keep a Healthy, Good Cholesterol Ratio

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Its Important To Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels

Contrary to popular belief, being healthy does not only mean reducing your cholesterol levels but also maintaining a good cholesterol ratio. Many people mistakenly believe that cholesterol is intrinsically bad for the body and that it should be eliminated completely.

However, the human body does need some amount of cholesterol. Therefore, in order to be perfectly healthy, we need to minimize the bad cholesterol while keeping a healthy amount of good cholesterol at the same time.

Balancing the Good and Bad Cholesterol

There are basically two kinds of cholesterol found in the human body — the LDL or low-density lipoproteins and the HDL or high-density lipoproteins. HDL is the good cholesterol, which is needed by the body to build cell membranes. It is transported to the different parts of the body through the bloodstream. LDL is also found in the blood but it is not really needed by the body.

It can clog up your arteries, especially if there is too much of it in the blood. Once the arteries are clogged up, there will be a very high probability of heart attacks, strokes or other serious complications in the circulatory system. But all these health risks can be avoided by balancing your cholesterol levels and keeping a good cholesterol ratio at all times.

How Do You Maintain A Good Cholesterol Ratio?

There are several ways you can do this, like by watching what you eat. Many foods today contain high amounts of cholesterol — these are the ones that have saturated fats or trans fats among the ingredients.

You can keep your cholesterol ratio favorable by staying away from these foods and choosing instead those that are marked as low-fat or cholesterol-free. Many also choose to help reduce cholesterol levels with natural cholesterol lowering supplements.

If you eat healthy foods, it is still advisable to monitor your cholesterol levels regularly through a cholesterol screening test done once every two years or so.

Getting your cholesterol levels tested is not complicated at all. You will just have to submit a blood sample and the lab results will be returned to you shortly. Interpreting the results is not difficult either. You just have to see whether your HDL count is higher than your LDL count.

If so, then you have a good cholesterol ratio and have nothing to worry about. Otherwise, you will have to reduce your fat intake, exercise more, and perhaps lose some weight. By doing all this, you can improve your cholesterol ratio considerably.

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