CholesLo® Review – Natural Cholesterol Lowering Supplement

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CholesLo – Natural Cholesterol Supplement

CholesLo is a natural cholesterol lowering supplement that is doctor endorsed and medically proven. If your diet and exercise are not quite helping lower your cholesterol, rather than begin taking statin medications perhaps you would prefer an alternative solution…one that is all natural.

CholesLoCholesLo is one of the only nutraceuticals that has been medically endorsed as a safe alternative to statins.

CholesLo helps to lower your bad LDL levels and raise your good HDL levels…essentially you will be able to work on obtaining ideal cholesterol levels.

So how can a cholesterol supplement help you to obtain ideal cholesterol levels?

  dividerThe patented CholesLo ingredients work together to help you to obtain the perfect LDL and HDL levels and lower triglycerides and homocystiene levels. Since most of your cholesterol problems begin in the liver, CholesLo® actually helps to repair and cleanse this essential organ so that it can function properly and effectively.

Side Effects and Ingredients

There have been no reported negative side effects with CholesLo. It contains natural ingredients. Being a natural product side effects are greatly reduced. If you do have any concerns it is recommended you consult with your doctor about using any vitamins, herbs or cholesterol lowering supplements.

  • CholesLo is not a drug! It is a safe alternative to statins.

CholesLo contains organic herbs, vitamins and amino acids. All of the ingredients in CholesLo® combine to work with one another.

There are many products available with natural ingredients that claim to lower cholesterol – so why choose CholesLo above them? There is an excellent comparison chart that shows why right here:

Compare CholesLo

Any Discounts?

CholesLo is not available in stores…you can only buy online…however you can see this weeks specials here…

dividerIf you are seeking a statin alternative that is a safe and effective way to lower your cholesterol, reduce your triglyceride levels and raise your good HDL cholesterol levels…then this product could certainly suit you as it has done for many others.



Perhaps you are you taking a cholesterol medication to lower your cholesterol levels right now and are wondering if it could help you. Have you asked your doctor already about taking natural supplements? Many people are not even aware that there are cholesterol lowering supplements available, such as CholesLo.


Disclosure Statement – We are an affiliate for the products we recommend. Please consult with your doctor before ceasing any medication you may be taking.

Thank you for sharing and caring!
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Wifes Cholesterol

Sep 09, 2014 by Raymond Tecsi

My wife used choleslo for 3 months and her bad cholesteral was cut in half. Tri's 200. I have a question, Dr said that choleslo could cause a stroke with her blood pressure medicine. I think he is trying to scare her. He wants her to take crestor, but I want her to stay on choleslo. She takes atenanol/choraldol for blood pressure. Spelling may be wrong. Please help her to realize that if herbal supplements help to stay on them.

Response: Hi Raymond, I have just asked Dr Sam Robbins a couple of days ago if I can interview him and I am going to now give him your question! I will let you know as soon as I have. You will be able to play the recording for your wife. I would love to tell your wife to stay on herbal supplements as I believe all natural products are better than drugs...but that is my opinion...and I am not legally allowed to. I am extremely excited how CholesLo reduced her cholesterol...and I think it\'s sad that 100% organic ingredients can react with proscription medication enough to cause a stroke. I will ask Dr Sam Robbins that one too!

My Results

Oct 05, 2013 by Sharon

I started Choleslo 2 yrs ago. I went from 298 to 148 in 6 weeks. Doctors office couldn't believe it. Didn't get my next order until a few weeks after I ran out. At that time I had my labs done & was shocked that in that time my chol. shot back up to 234. I'll never wait so long to reorder again!


May 19, 2013 by Sheri Hawkins

I just received my test results today and found them unbelievable! I started taking CholesLo in mid/late-March. I also took 1,000mg of niacin on most days, which may not be enough to be effective, but my doctor thought I was taking red yeast rice and niacin and so I took the niacin. I have taken red yeast rice and niacin before (but am thinking of stopping niacin because of the Aim High study) but never had results anywhere close to those I just received.

In less than 2 months, my total has gone from 310 to 234, trig from 135 to 65, HDL from 67 to 77, LDL from 216 to 144, and my ratio has greatly improved. Not bad!

I will share CholesLo with my doctor and then with other relatives. Also, I am glad that CholesLo also addresses the homocysteine level; mine has been normal in previous tests.

High Cholesterol No More

Feb 11, 2013 by Jock

Anyone wanting to reduce their high cholesterol levels is mad if they do not give it a try. It did what it said it would do. It lowered my cholesterol levels and makes me feel healthier than I ever have. Thank you for providing a review that made me give it a try. My body thanks you.

Response: I am just glad I wrote the review for you to experience success! Thank you Jock for sharing.

CholesLo Works

Jan 26, 2013 by Julie Olson

Hello, my name is Julie. After 7 weeks of taking CholesLo, I had a Cholesterol recheck. The results are fantastic. I lowered my total Cholesterol from 246 to 187; LDL from 146 to 98; HDL stayed in healthy range from 84 to 74; Triglicerides from 77 to 75; VLDL stayed same at 15. This is the first time I have ever had a total Cholesterol number under 200. This product really works! My husband just started taking it too! THANK YOU for such a great product!

Response: Hi Julie...that\'s great news! Thank you for sharing your results with us.

Sep 28, 2012 by Jeff

Must report that this product is very effective.It broke thru my stubborn high choles.levels that are due to genetics. Test numbers were cut 50% in 45 days. Thanks much

Response: Thanks for sharing your results Jeff. I am glad you found it effective in reducing your levels!

My Cholesterol Is Lower Now

Jul 16, 2012 by Kathie

I am so excited, I took Choleslo for 3 months and went back to my doctor he tested me and said my cholesterol on 4-3-2012 was LDL-134, HDL-40 and total cholesterol was-247. Now it is, LDL-89, HDL-39 and total is 193 this is what it is now. Thank you for this product it really works with no side effects.

Response: That is great news Kathie! Thank you for sharing your results.


Apr 23, 2012 by Rozalia Stoianovici

Hello I am Rozalia. I cant take any more Crestor. You can help me? I live in Romania.
How much it is CholesLo? How can buy this?
Thank you!

Response: Hi Rozalia, This section is reserved for CholesLo reviews, but yes CholesLo is shipped to Romania.

5.0 5.0 8 8 My wife used choleslo for 3 months and her bad cholesteral was cut in half. Tri's 200. I have a question, Dr said that choleslo could cause a stroke with her blood pressure medic CholesLo
About Jennifer Johnson

At least one person in my family has either had a heart problem, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, problems with blood sugar levels or desperately needs to lose weight. I research natural health solutions and now share my findings with them and you.


  1. Linda Shover says:

    I have the product Choleslo, but my dilemma is that I can’t swallow pills. Is there any harm that I can take the capsules apart and put it with applesauce to take. Please let me know as soon as possible so that I can start taking the pills. Thanks Linda Shover

    • Jennifer Johnson says:

      Hi Linda,

      Legally, I am not able to advise you, so I have contacted CholesLo client support on your behalf. I will advise you of their answer immediately!

    • Jennifer Johnson says:

      Hi Linda,

      I have just received an email answering your question.

      “Thank you for asking. There is no problem with taking the capsule apart. It does not affect absorption. The only drawback is the taste. It is not going to be good, even mixed in applesause. Please let us know if there anything else we can do to assist you.”

      So, yes you can! If there is anything else I can do, please just ask me.

  2. Jennifer Johnson says:

    I have been emailed a direct question regarding the dosage of CholesLo. For anyone else seeking this information, you can visit here – CholesLo Usage Instructions.

  3. I live in Australia and was wondering if Choleslo is shipped here? Also some products have free shipping over a certain amount. Does that mean I could get free shipping to Australia if I buy a large package of Choleslo?

    • Jennifer Johnson says:

      Hi Jenny,

      Yes, you can order CholesLo if you live in Australia as there is worldwide shipping. However, free shipping is not available to Australia. Hopefully the discount link I offer will help with that problem.

      Plus for anyone with questions regarding shipping, international orders take about 7-14 business days to deliver.

  4. Jennifer Johnson says:

    I have just been asked by a family member if I have ever had any CholesLo complaints. Of course they didn’t ask me here, they asked me personally, but I thought it was a question many of you may also have when reading my review.

    My answer is no I have never received one in the two years I have been recommending this natural supplement. I have on the other hand received many thank you emails. Happy customers have contacted me through my contact page, although it would have been better if they had left their testimonials here for me to publish.

    Maybe writing this, will help encourage that. So because I have received only positive reviews, I will continue to promote a supplement and company that delivers what it promises.

  5. I was very interested in trying Choleslo until I read the list of major ingredients on a site that listed the ingredients in natural cholesterol products. I am very allergic to statins and a cardiologist told me never to take red rice yeast as it is a natural statin. So if a person is allergic to statins they should not try this product as it contains red rice yeast. I did not see red rice list on the product sheet on the product web site so I am glad I continued to check.

    • Jennifer Johnson says:

      Hi Nancy,

      I think you may find this very interesting…and you may want to re-check with your cardiologist to find out ‘exactly’ what it is you are allergic to, it may in fact be the ‘citrinin’ in the red rice yeast, which has been removed in CholesLo.

      I am also not sure what website you read your information on, but this is taken word for word off the official website.

      Red Yeast Rice (2.5% Extract – Monascus purpurea)

      This is a fantastic and very powerful ingredient – ONLY when used in the correct form and quantity – so please read on.

      The red yeast (Monascus Purpureus) fermented on rice has been used in China for its health-promoting effects for over 2000 years. This yeast is the source of a group of compounds known as monacolins that can lower cholesterol levels by blocking a key enzyme in the liver.

      In fact, the cholesterol lowering prescription drug Mevacor®, is the trade name for the compound lovastatin, also known as monacolin K, one of the key monacolins in red yeast rice extract. Hence, BOTH the drug Mevacor® and the natural ingredient of red yeast rice extract contain the SAME EXACT CHOLESTEROL REDUCING COMPOUND CALLED “lovastatin”.

      This is why red yeast rice extract is so powerful and works so well! The same reason that the pharmaceutical giant Merck tried to NOT allow any sales of this natural compound, and actually DID WIN IN COURT, but then the judgment was reversed.

      This compound – lovastatin – is similar to other “statin” drugs such as Lipitor® (atorvastatin), Crestor® (rosuvastatin), and Zocor® (simvastatin).

      Hence, red yeast rice extract works so well as a natural compound, that drug companies have tried to duplicate other man-made ingredients to do the same job. One important note though … lovastatin (which is the same as red yeast rice extract and the drug Mevacor), can become very toxic to the body and liver.

      The key is to have the toxic by-product called “citrinin” REMOVED from the fermentation process – to which CholesLo™ has done and this is why the red yeast rice extract found in our product is VERY SAFE!
      IMPORTANT NOTE & SUMMARY: The above had a lot of important information on how this amazing natural compound works and has been used safely for over 2000 years in China. But basically, “red yeast rice extract” contains a compound called “lovastatin”, which works so well at reducing cholesterol, that the pharmaceutical company Merck designed a drug called Mevacor® to have the SAME EXACT INGREDIENT. BUT, you have to make sure that the toxic fermentation by-product called “citrinin” has been removed – and this HAS been done with CholesLo™!

      NEVER take any red yeast rice extract (by itself or combined with other ingredients) at a high dosage extract (2.5% is the highest and most expensive – and that’s what we use in CholesLo) and you HAVE to make sure the toxic by-product “citrinin” has been REMOVED!

      I hope that has helped you to perhaps dig a little deeper into your allergy. You may be able to take CholesLo after all, if your allergy is in fact the citrinin found in many statins.

  6. If you are taking lipitor now, is there in harmful effect by taking both?

    • Jennifer Johnson says:

      Hi Win,

      I sent your question to Dr. Sam Robbins. Here is his response to your question.

      No, there are no negative effects taking both Lipitor and CholesLo together.
      However, there’s no need to take both – why would you want to do that?

      The goal is to get OFF the drugs and take a natural solution such as CholesLo. That’s what my parents have done… But, please let me know if you need any further assistance. Thank you…

      Warmest Regards

      I thanked Dr Sam Robbins for answering the question as I am not a medical person who can give advice and he replied again…

      Granted, none of us can give any medical advice legally…but, we can give “suggestions”. Thank you for your email and please let me know if I or anyone of my team can help assist you.

  7. Tim, 47 year old from Ghana.

    I recently was put on Crestor 20mg in mid-January 2012 to bring down my cholesterol from 294 and 10mg of zestril (lysinopril) to bring my blood pressure down. I went in to see the doctor because of severe dizziness and shortness of breath. At that time my blood-sugar was 112 and left untreated. My total cholesterol came down to about 69 mg/dL on Feb. 19, 2012, so I asked to stop taking the Crestor, my blood sugar at that time was 115.

    The doctor pointed out to me that I may need to start taking diabetes medication (galvus-metformine 50mg/500mg) on the next visit if the blood sugar does not come down. I saw the doctor last week on the 20th and my cholesterol was back up at 259, my blood sugar was at 119 and my b.p. range was between 110-140 systolic over 70-95 diastolic. He put me back on Crestor 20mg and started me on the galvus-meformine treatment and I have been continuing with the zestril 10mg daily.

    I have been eating right and eating less. I have not been feeling right throughout the past 2 weeks. I get this lump in the throat sensation everytime I take the galvus and the crestor at different times. With the crestor it is worst. I talked to the doctor and he wants me to switch to lipitor which I did and still the same sensation, fatigued and I’m trying to workout but my muscles ache just on simple push ups. I don’t have appetite and nor sexual drive.

    I am 145 lb., 5’3″ and don’t think I am over weight. I used to be 165 lbs, before mid-January. I believe I am eating right, I decreased my rice consumption to a cup a day. Staying away from eggs, fried food. Using olive oil, eating things bland.

    I’m not sure, how the cholesterol jumped back up in a month? Can the above normal blood-sugar cause rise in cholesterol?

    Is there any advise you can give me? I have a friend that can order choleslo and then ship it out to me in Ghana. Please offer me any kind of advise to feel my normal self again.


    • Jennifer Johnson says:

      Hi Tim,

      I contacted Dr Sam Robbins and showed him your comment. He advised me he cannot give you advice, but I have taken the liberty to provide you with his answer he wrote back to me. You may still be interested to hear what he had to say.

      “Well…I nor you could give any real advice since we don’t know the person’s medical history. But, OBVIOUSLY the statin drugs aren’t good for this person’s body. They have all the negative side-effects. GET OFF. It’s your body telling you that it’s being poisoned.

      These drugs don’t work and to kill someone’s “drive” is to take away their passion for life. I don’t know what to say other than get off the drugs and clean out the body, start doing things naturally and find a new doctor. That’s all anyone can do or say in a situation like this.“

      • Thanks for the reply and you’re right, I feel poisoned. Also, I read somewhere on-line that if I am Asian, which I am, taking statins affect me more than other races. Yesterday, I decided to NOT take Crestor or Lipitor and see how my body responds. I slept well but woke up at 3 am and my pulse was high and I felt like I had a sugar rush (i.e., I could feel my heart pumping like I used to when I ate something with a lot of sugar).

        I immediately went to measure my blood pressure and it was registering 130/80 at a pulse of 103bpm. I sat there and tried to relax by breathing deeply and my bp dropped to 117/75 and my pulse dropped to about 85 bpm which is about regular. It’s hard to find good doctors here and so I will be back in the States in June and find a good one and obtain a full physical to find out what state my body is in.

        More importantly, I had my friend order 3 bottles of Choleslo and send them to me so that I can try this magic natural formula. I hope it works because I don’t want to get back on statins. Just to hold me over, I was going to take the pills only two days a week. If Choleslo does it’s job, of course I will completely come off of the statins. I will do a lipids count before I start and after 30 days, I will notify you and Dr. Sam of my (hopeful) great results.


        • Jennifer Johnson says:

          Hi Tim,

          I forwarded your comment onto Dr Sam and he said that was great news. He also said, “I just feel really badly about people and having to deal with these horrible situations. But, the poison will leave soon and they’ll feel good again in about a week or two…”

          I really look forward to hearing your results. I hate seeing people have to deal with the side effects, such as those you have mentioned. Plus, you sound like you are doing everything right with your diet and lifestyle, so I see positive results ahead!

  8. Elden Guy says:

    I was unable to find the number of pills in each bottle and also the number of pills I need to take each day. Thanks, Elden

  9. I am taking a daily multiple vitamin which has high dosage of Vitamin B and in your pill you had also high in Folate Acid is it safe to take both ?

    • Jennifer Johnson says:

      Hi Elbert,

      I sent your question to Dr Sam and received this reply.

      “There’s nothing wrong with taking higher b-vitamins. They are water soluble, the body will use what it needs (sometimes more during times of stress) and then urinate the rest away. There’s no damage to organs or anything negative.”

      Therefore you can take your multi-vitamin and CholesLo. If you have any more questions, please ask me.

  10. Vernon Vaughan says:

    I take Choleslo. I am taking 2 in am and 2 in pm. My cholesterol is 290,D-LDL is 192, and triglycerides I believe is 295. I am also taking Alphaviril 1 in am and 1 in pm. I have had prostate cancer. Will this product help keep the prostate healthy? My A1C is 6.4. Should I take other supplements with these or are these supplements suppose to be enough? Thank You.

    • Jennifer Johnson says:

      Hi Vernon,

      I sent your question to Dr Sam Robbins to see if he could provide an answer for you. Here is is response:

      “Thank you for your email. Your cholesterol is fairly high…so, let’s start with 4 a day and see how it goes with your next blood test. You may see a dramatic drop, because it is fairly high. Or, your body might be resistant and you’ll need to increase the dosage. The good part is, you don’t have to worry about side-effects.

      Have you removed your prostate? The truth is, the real cause of prostate cancer is elevated levels of DHT and Estrogen, but NOT Testosterone. AlphaViril helps improve these hormone ratios. AlphaViril has helped many men reduce the size of their Prostate. But, we don’t have any feedback on individuals with prostate cancer. Sorry…but I wanted to be honest with you.

      It looks like you have elevated glucose levels and this is actually cause some of your lipid, cholesterol and triglyceride problems. A good product to utilize is called Blood Sugar Optimizer.”

      Vernon for more information on Blood Sugar Optimizer: ‘Blood Sugar Optimizer’.

      Thanks again Vernon for your question.

  11. Will Choleslo raise my blood pressure? I take medication for high blood pressure so I am concerned about that.

    • Hi Barbara,

      CholesLo is a natural supplement, so it shouldn’t raise your blood pressure, but I will send your question to Dr Sam for confirmation and let him know you are taking high blood pressure medication too. I will let you know his answer as soon as I receive it.

    • Jennifer Johnson says:

      I heard back from Dr Sam, Barbara and he said: “No on the blood pressure, nobody has ever reported that. Some have said it helped lower it in fact.”

      I hope that helps!

  12. I have recently been put on Liptor and having read all the side effects of it, I am very anxious about getting off it. My doctor told me that diet alone wouldn’t do it for me in managing cholesterol. I am on 40mg Liptor right now. How should I transition from taking Liptor into taking CholesLo only? My total cholesterol is 287mg/dL and my LDL is 202mg/dL.

    • Jennifer Johnson says:

      Hi Sue,

      Here is Dr Sam’s answer for you:

      “The higher the dose and the longer on Lipitor, the slower you need to cycle off the product. Thus, at 40 mgs, I would suggest taking 3 months to cycle off. Yes, it’s that addictive.

      BUT, 287 Cholesterol with 40 mg of Lipitor is very high. Something is wrong. My suggestion would be to ADD in CholesLo at 4 pills daily for 3 months and see what effects you get. Once it’s lowered, THEN I would suggest lowering the Lipitor SLOWLY and even then, I would just stay on 5-10 mgs daily in addition to the CholesLo, based on your results.

      NOTE: The above is just a suggestion based on previous users. We legally cannot tell you to get off any drug and you should always consult your physician first.”

      I hope that helps you Sue.

      • Thank you for the reply Jennifer.

        Just to clarify, the cholesterol level that I quoted was right before I started the 40mg Liptor. I am on Liptor for about 1 month now and just had a blood test, I will find out tomorrow where it stands.

  13. I am currently taking Sytrinol for cholesterol issues and curious as to what mg is in your product. I cant find that info anywhere and need to confirm dosage per capsule before i consider purchasing…Choleslo sounds wonderful… it would be great to amalgamate my supplements into one capsule…thank you.

  14. Janice Blowers says:

    What is the milligrams in the COQ10 in Choleslo? I presently take COQ10 and need to know.

    • Jennifer Johnson says:

      Hi Janice,

      I asked Dr Sam Robbins and here is his reply:

      “25 mgs per 1 capsule. However, I would still suggest taking additional CoQ10 as it has many benefits and the minimum people should take over the age of 40 is 200 daily.”

  15. I am a 65 yr old athletic female. Always very skeptical of statins, when my total cholesterol reached 305 with HDL of 97 and LDL of 188, I asked my primary care doc if it was time to try a low dosage to get my numbers down. Just 5 mg of Zocor.

    Apparently I am in a very drug sensitive population group because within a couple of months of taking this low dosage I began to experience pain. I bought new running shoes, heal cups orthotics. I saw 3 specialists + my family GP. I had cortisone injections, given prescription strength anti-inflams & night splints. I had physical therapy.

    Eventually the neuropathy, muscle weakness & joint stiffness became so severe that I had to use a cane and/or a walker. One doctor recommended severing the nerves in my feet. It took two years before I made the connection between statins and neuropathy.

    I recently discontinued the statins and within 14 days my pain just melted away.

    I asked my doctor if Choleslo is safe and he gave me the usual doctor mumble-jumble about unregulated supplements.

    My internet research tells me that Choleslo has Red Yeast Rice and Red Yeast Rice has the same side effects as statins, i.e. can cause neuropathy, muscle weakness and joint pain.

    Having had such a horrid experience on a low dosage of statins, I am obviously leary of taking anything that will revisit that awful scenario. Can you tell me why Choleslo would not have a similar outcome?

    • Jennifer Johnson says:

      Hi Geri,

      I will forward your question on to Dr Sam Robbins. He may point me to something on his website regarding this ingredient, such as below…

      “IMPORTANT NOTE: When using Red Yeast Rice, the key is to have the toxic by-product called “citrinin” REMOVED from the fermentation process – to which CholesLo™ has done.

      Also, you should never take Red Yeast Rice by itself, because a much higher dose is required, to see/feel the positive results. Unfortunately, at the higher dosages – negative side-effects can also happen. That’s why a product like CholesLo™ utilizes Red Yeast Rice along with other KEY ingredients that are ALSO scientifically proven to help create improved cholesterol levels.”

      I can certainly understand the side effects you have experienced with statins, which is why I choose to recommend CholesLo.

    • Jennifer Johnson says:

      Hi again Geri!

      I have just heard back from Dr Sam. Here is what he said…

      “Most people don’t have the same issues with RYR. Also, CholesLo is better because it used RYR in addition to other ingredients and thus a LOWER dose of RYR is required and hence, less potential side effects.

      My suggestion is to get CholesLo and start low and build up. I would also suggest taking 3000 mgs of Fish oil daily and 100-200 mgs of CoQ10 daily for sure. Minimum. Everything will be good. Thanks.”

      I hope that helps you Geri.

  16. Sheri Hawkins says:

    My doctor advised me to take niacin after readings of 310 total, 135 triglycerides, 236 LDL, and 67 HDL. I have had high levels for quite some time and refuse to take statins as both my son and father had muscle pains with them. My doctor said I could also try red yeast rice with the niacin if I wished. Then, while researching brands of RYR, I found CholesLo and ordered some.

    A week ago, I began taking 4 CholesLo tablets daily in addition to about 1,000 mg of niacin daily. Do you see any problems with this combination? I will be due for a lipid test in 6 weeks. Also, I see that sometimes you recommend taking 2 days/ per week off (no CholesLo those days). Would that apply to my situation? Thank you. (I sure would love to see this product work for me! And then maybe my son would try it.)

    P.S. In 2008 I also had my homocysteine levels check and my CRP–both were normal.

    • Jennifer Johnson says:

      Hi Sheri,

      I forwarded your question onto Dr Sam Robbins and just received his reply.

      “Yes, it’s fine to take both. I’m not a fan of Niacin since it can elevate liver enzymes, but…this person can try it. I would suggest taking 4 pills daily, every day and do a blood test and THEN adjust it downward. If this person is going to do a blood test in only 6 weeks, I would suggest a higher dose of CholesLo…5-6 daily, do the blood test, see the improvement and then just take 4 daily.”

      I look forward to hearing your results Sheri!

      • Sheri Hawkins says:

        Thanks for the reply. One unanswered question: Should I take weekends off? Perhaps a better question is why do you sometimes recommend taking weekends off?

        • Jennifer Johnson says:

          Dr Sam said, it’s best if you take it all the time, but if you do, it won’t last the 80 days. That’s the reason they say to take the weekends off.

          • Sheri Hawkins says:

            I just received my test results today and found them unbelievable! I started taking CholesLo in mid/late-March. I also took 1,000mg of niacin on most days, which may not be enough to be effective, but my doctor thought I was taking red yeast rice and niacin and so I took the niacin. I have taken red yeast rice and niacin before (but am thinking of stopping niacin because of the Aim High study) but never had results anywhere close to those I just received.

            In less than 2 months, my total has gone from 310 to 234, trig from 135 to 65, HDL from 67 to 77, LDL from 216 to 144, and my ratio has greatly improved. Not bad!

            I will share CholesLo with my doctor and then with other relatives. Also, I am glad that CholesLo also addresses the homocysteine level; mine has been normal in previous tests.

            Questions: What dosage is now recommended? 4 daily with weekends off? Is this something I need to take for the rest of my life? I am in mid-60′s, fairly fit, exercise, and eat well.

            • Jennifer Johnson says:

              That’s excellent Sheri!

              If you do share with your family and friends…please send them to this page, so they can check for a discount coupon code! As for your question, this is the recommended ‘Prevention Dosage’ which you could use as your maintenance plan.

              “…you may want to start using CholesLo™ daily, similar to a multi-vitamin to prevent future problems and help maintain the health and strength of your heart, arteries and general sense of well being. For “prevention”, the dosage is simple: Just take 1 capsule, twice daily. Again, always with food and a full cup of water. Usually morning and afternoon…”

              CholesLo is a supplement that you can take for the rest of your life, or when you want or need to. If your cholesterol levels are healthy and your diet and lifestyle excellent, you may never need to again!

              I am so proud of you Sheri and so very thankful you shared your results! (I actually posted it as a review above.)

  17. Lee Rigby says:

    Good Day. Your product comes highly rated. I have taken Simivastatin for years and depending on my lifestyle my numbers vary greatly. I have found that lifestyle contributes a great deal to the numbers issue and I am not looking for a an easy way out, I am willing to moderate in all areas but feel statins are a long term liver issue and have stopped taking them.

    I do take supplements and find your body is capable of doing it’s job with a little help. I also take a beta blocker and an ace inhibitor, Lisnipril and Atentenol with good results and no side effects. Is your product compatible with these drugs? Thank you, Lee

    • Jennifer Johnson says:

      Hi Lee, I have forwarded your question on to Dr Sam Robbins. The weekend is almost upon us, but I will advise you as soon I hear back from him.

      I am happy to hear, how you can see your lifestyle affects your numbers and that you are willing to moderate your lifestyle and take action.

      Also, where you said that you “feel that statins are a long term liver issue”, you may be pleased to know that CholesLo has a liver cleansing formula.

      I actually wrote about it here:

      Anyway, I will get back to you shortly!

      • Lee Rigby says:

        Thank you so much for your quick response and that was a great article. I have spent over an hour trying to find something untrue about the claims of this product or lack of benefits and cannot. I ordered the 3 bottle option and as I don’t have a scheduled blood test until October, I will take until then. Thanks again, Lee

    • Jennifer Johnson says:

      Hi Lee,

      Thank you…I also did receive an answer from Dr Sam for you. Here it is…

      “Well, we’ve never done a test with CholesLo and the mentioned drugs, so nobody really knows. HOWEVER, if you had taken those medications along with your statin drug and didn’t have any negative effects, then you surely will NOT with CholesLo either.

      As with any new medication or supplement, start low the first week or two, see how your body reacts and then utilize the full dose. Good luck!”

  18. Hi,
    I’m 38 years old male weighing 173 lbs and my height is 5 ft 8 inch long, I did my blood numbers and they are as follows…
    HDL =47
    LDL = 144
    Triglycerides = 305
    Total Cholesterol = 252

    I was not doing regular exercise and this showed up in my numbers. My vitamin D is also very low it was 9, I’m taking vitamin D 6000 IU supplements daily. Now I have started to do regular exercise/diet changes and planning to recheck my numbers in Feb 2014.

    Please advise me whether to try low dose of CholesLo or wait till Feb 2014 and see if my numbers improves naturally. I’m kind of scared to try CholesLo as it my have potential side effects because of Red Yeast Rice.

    Please guide me in this regard. Thanks, Shafi

    • Jennifer Johnson says:

      Hi Shafi,

      Firstly I have written an article on the ingredient Red Yeast Rice here:

      My article explains how Red Yeast Rice has a toxic by-product called ‘citrinin’ which is removed from the fermentation process in CholesLo™. This is why the red yeast rice extract found in the CholesLo ingredients is safe.

      As for giving you advise on what you should do, I am not legally allowed to do that. However you have taken excellent steps in regards to exercising and making dietary changes and I congratulate you!

      CholesLo is 100% natural and therefore has no negative side effects like those found in statins. There are many products in the world today that I would never try myself, so I understand your fears.

      If you have any more questions or concerns, please ask me.

  19. Pete Brigden says:

    My brother has just been prescribed statins and I am really worried about him. His blood pressure must be sky high too as his face is always red. I feel like he is a walking heart attack case!

    I have read every single comment here and hope he does too as I will be sharing this page with him. Hopefully he can see that a change in lifestyle and natural treatments or something like this supplement can get him off the dreaded drugs. Wish me luck. I can’t promise he will ask questions…but I hope you do bro or at least think about it!

    • Jennifer Johnson says:

      Hi Pete and Pete’s brother…I’m not going to say anything…well maybe just one thing… 😉

      There are natural treatments available for many health issues and statins are the regular medication prescribed for high cholesterol by the medical profession. Whether a person takes them or not is their choice alone.

      I have a brother-in-law that takes statins, because he feels it is easier than changing his present habits…I on the other hand don’t because I practice what I preach.

      Whatever decision you make, make it for yourself…and no-one else.

  20. Jennifer Johnson says:

    I had one of my family members receive their results from a blood cholesterol test the other day and they wanted to know my thoughts. They wanted me to contact Dr Sam too so I did.

    I asked if I could share with you and I have their permission, so here we go…

    Their results are:

    • Total Cholesterol: 8
    • HDL 2.19
    • LDL 5.5
    • Triglycerides 0.7

    Their doctor is worried it is too high and they should do something about it, including to take statins. Their question is, because their HDL, (good cholesterol) is good, doesn’t that outweigh their bad cholesterol levels?

    Also their triglycerides are good, so they don’t know if they really do have a problem. If they do have a problem, would CholesLo help?

    Here is Dr Sam’s reply:

    “I’m not sure what the ranges are with your blood test, so I can’t give an accurate answer. But, taking any medication – especially a statin drug should be the LAST option, right? Why not try to naturally do it first and then see if there’s ever even a need for a drug that’s filled with negative side-effects.

    And yes, HDL/LDL ratio matters a lot, especially when you’re HDL is high and “healthy”.

    Yes, CholesLo will definitely make an improvement in all your lipid levels. Your doctor didn’t test for Homocysteine levels, which is even MORE important at predicting heart disease. CholesLo also helps reduce high levels of this.

    My suggestion is to start and then do another blood test in 3-4 months and see where your levels are. Of course, try to eat better and exercise more if possible.”

    As always, thank you Dr Sam.

    • I have similar results to your family member. These are my results I got today. My doctor didn’t put me on statins, he said to start eating healthier and exercise more and come back in 3-4 months. I am so happy because I would have said no to statins anyway!

      Total Cholesterol: 8
      LDL 4.1
      HDL 2.71
      Triglycerides 0.6

      I have a question though…how did the doctor work out my cholesterol ratio? He said it was 3.

      Thank you!

      • Jennifer Johnson says:

        Hi Mary,

        Your cholesterol ratio is calculated by dividing your total cholesterol by your HDL number. So in your case, your total cholesterol is 8 divided by your HDL of 2.71, therefore your cholesterol ratio is 2.95.

        The goal is to keep the ratio below 5.0, with an ideal ratio of 3.5, so your doctor is probably happy with your results…and probably why you weren’t given a statin medication!

        Your ‘Total Cholesterol’ is a number made up of a combination of HDL, LDL, Lipids and other non HDL lipoproteins.

  21. Kevin Jefferies says:

    I have just received my cholesterol test results and although my doctor said it was alright. My results are:

    Total cholesterol 6, HDL 1.37, LDL 4.4 and Triglycerides 0.6

    I am considering taking Choleslo to keep them at a healthy range. I am nearly 55 and my father died of heart problems, so what do you think? Thanks.

    • Jennifer Johnson says:

      Hi Kevin,

      It’s great news that your cholesterol levels are healthy and also even more congratulatory that you want to improve them, or at least make sure they remain healthy.

      As for what do I think? I think that if you are considering taking Choleslo to keep your cholesterol levels healthy and if you are exercising and eating right, you are going to be very healthy!

  22. yvonne thomas says:

    I am taking choleslo right now, is it safe to take a vitamin D along with COQ10 and garlic supplement i am also taking omegaxl i have ordered for joint pain, concern of any side effect, i am taking atenolol and losartan for high blood pressure and aciphex for acid reflux
    will appreciate your advise on all

    • Jennifer Johnson says:

      Hi Yvonne,

      I’m sorry I am not legally allowed to provide any advise. I have however, forwarded your question to Dr Sam Robbins, but I know he can’t legally advise either, especially as you are on prescription medications prescribed by your doctor. Only your doctor knows your medical history. I’m sorry I haven’t been more helpful.

      If I do receive an email, providing information for you, I will let you know.

  23. Pierre Saerens says:

    Hi Jennifer Johnson

    I am a 82 years old male, danish citizen living in Denmark, Scandinavia.

    In december 2013 I had a heart by-pass operation after angina pectoris was found with EF about 50%. Since then I have been prescribed lifelong acetylsalicylacid 75 mg and statin 10 mg per day due to coronar revascularisation.

    I have muscle pains in my arms, skin spots in my face and feel generally tired in the morning and evening. My cholesterol was before the operation: total cholesterol/LDL/HDL 6,3/4,6/1,3. With my prescribed medicine it is now 4,2/2,3/1,6.

    My doctor claim that total cholesterol in my case should be below 5,0 and that it only can be obtained by means of statins (even the low quantity of 10 mg).

    Would you think that your Choleslo without giving side effects could replace the statin I take? Could you recommend me to take it?

    How widespread is the use of Choleslo in USA? Can you refer to any randomized, placebo-controlled studies?

    Thank you,

    • Jennifer Johnson says:

      Hi Pierre,

      I am not able to give advice in regards to medications taken. I have asked Dr Sam, on behalf of others, on occasion, however he cannot give advice either. Your doctor knows your medical history and I would recommend you asking him.

      CholesLo is a natural supplement and many doctors do not ‘prescribe’ natural supplements, although many do ‘allow’ them to be taken along with prescribed medication, as they do with many vitamins and minerals.

      All I can suggest is you ask your doctor. Sorry I cannot be more helpful Pierre.

      • Hi Jennifer Johnson

        I am considering buying Choleslo and ask you to inform me:
        – I am daily taking 100 mg Q10 ubiquinon. If starting-up with your Choleslo is it then necessary to continue with my daily 100mg Q10, as your Choleslo already contains Q10 (but how many mg?).
        – Your price for 3 bottles $ 99,97 and 1 bottle $ 39,97 does they include shipment to Denmark (Europe) ?If not can you inform me of what are the costs of shipment to Denmark?

        Best regards
        Pierre Saerens

        • Jennifer Johnson says:

          Hi Pierre,

          I just received Dr Sam’s answer on your questions. He said, “Each 1 cap contains 25 mgs of CoQ10, so 4 = 100 mgs. I always suggest taking additional, but CholesLo contains it already. International shipping is almost $20. It’s $19 something…”

          I hope that helps you Pierre. If you do decide to buy CholesLo, here is this week’s special offer.

          Best regards, Jennifer.

  24. Hello Jennifer

    Are there any side effects of this product for people with medical issues? if so can you cite some of them? Thanks. I’m interested in this product but I’m still looking for other options as well.

    • Jennifer Johnson says:

      Hi James,

      There are no negative side effects with CholesLo and I am unaware of there being any side effects for people with other medical issues. However, as far as knowing all the medical issues that any one person would have…it is almost impossible to answer unless on a per case basis.

      If you are asking for yourself, do you have any medical issues you are concerned about? As I can ask Dr Sam for you.

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