CholesLo® Review – Natural Cholesterol Lowering Supplement

CholesLo – Natural Cholesterol Supplement

CholesLo is a natural cholesterol lowering supplement that is doctor endorsed, medically proven and a safe alternative to statins. Perhaps your diet and exercise are not quite helping and rather than take medications you would prefer an alternative, one that was all natural.

CholesLo – Natural Alternative To Statins

CholesLoCholesLo is one of the only nutraceuticals that has been medically endorsed as a natural and safe alternative to statins such as Lipitor®, Zocor®, Crestor® and similar prescription drugs.

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It is a doctor approved supplement that helps to lower LDL levels and raise your good HDL levels…essentially you will be able to work on maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.

How Does CholesLo Work?

So how can a cholesterol supplement help you to obtain ideal cholesterol levels? The patented CholesLo ingredients work together to help you to obtain the perfect LDL and HDL levels and lower triglycerides and homocystiene levels. Since most of your cholesterol problems begin in the liver, CholesLo® actually helps to repair and cleanse this essential organ so that it can function properly and effectively.

Are There Any Side Effects?

There have been no reported negative side effects with CholesLo. It contains natural ingredients. Being a natural product side effects are greatly reduced. If you do have any concerns it is recommended you consult with your doctor about using any vitamins, herbs or cholesterol lowering supplements.

  • CholesLo is not a drug! You won’t experience the side effects of prescription medications.

CholesLo Ingredients

CholesLo contains organic herbs, vitamins and amino acids. All of the ingredients in CholesLo® combine to work ‘synergistically’ with one another. You are guaranteed a safe natural product. It is also proven to be a very effective one.

Scientifically proven ingredients…

  • Lipid Optimizing System [Cholesterol, HDL/LDL & Triglycerides] – includes, Sytrinol, CoQ10, Policosonal
  • Liver Cleansing Formula
  • Insulin/Blood-Sugar Regulator
  • Inflammation Reducer
  • Homocysteine Reducing Formula

These ingredients not only work together to help lower your cholesterol levels, they also help you maintain a healthy heart, liver and circulatory system by working together within your body. (I have written about these ingredients in detail if you wish to know.)

There are many products available with natural ingredients that claim to lower cholesterol – so why choose CholesLo above them? There is an excellent comparison chart that shows why right here: Compare CholesLo

  • Plus many other products only focus on your cholesterol levels, whereas CholesLo is a complete heart health supplement.

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CholesLo is not available in stores…you can only buy online…so don’t forget to use my discount coupon code at the checkout.

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If you are seeking a statin alternative that is a safe and effective way to lower your cholesterol, reduce your triglyceride levels and raise your good HDL cholesterol levels…then this product could certainly suit you as it has done in the last 12 years with over 155,000 other satisfied users.

  • “A proven and easy solution which dramatically lowers your cholesterol levels in 30 days.”
  • HFL Solutions, are so confident in their product, that you get your money back if your cholesterol levels are not reduced by using CholesLo!
  • They also have world-wide shipping…so wherever you are, you can try it for yourself.


Perhaps you are you taking a cholesterol medication to lower your cholesterol levels right now and are wondering if it could help you. Have you asked your doctor already about taking natural supplements?

  • Many people are not even aware that there are cholesterol lowering supplements available, such as CholesLo.

Experts do advise caution when taking high cholesterol medications. When used too frequently or for too long these drugs may cause serious health problems affecting your liver and the consistency of your blood. Therefore, you should really only use them as a last resort, another reason to use a natural supplement to maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

“CholesLo Is A Natural Supplement and A Healthier Alternative To Statins.”

Most doctors do prescribe medications to patients who need to manage their cholesterol levels but it is also a well-known fact that these same medications come with several negative side effects especially when used for a long time.

  • Some people don’t ask enough questions about the taking taking of high cholesterol medications or if there are other alternative solutions.
  • People are unaware of natural cholesterol lowering supplements such as CholesLo.

CholesLo Reviews and Comments

  • If you do have any questions, please ask in the comment section below.
  • If you have used CholesLo and would like to leave your feedback, I would appreciate you leaving your review, by clicking the ‘Submit Your Review’ box. I will only publish real reviews, ones that are helpful to others and from people who have in fact purchased the product. (Please include purchase order number.)
  • I will not publish your email address, but I may contact you for clarification. Thank you for your honesty and understanding.

A healthy heart is central to our well-being and longevity. Look after your heart…it is the only one you have! If you don’t have any questions, or haven’t tried a natural supplement before, why not get started today. Use the coupon code and lower your cholesterol naturally.

Remember the coupon code on this page and then ENTER COUPON CODE at checkout.

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Oct 05, 2013 by Sharon

I started Choleslo 2 yrs ago. I went from 298 to 148 in 6 weeks. Doctors office couldn't believe it. Didn't get my next order until a few weeks after I ran out. At that time I had my labs done & was shocked that in that time my chol. shot back up to 234. I'll never wait so long to reorder again!

High Cholesterol No More

Feb 11, 2013 by Jock

Anyone wanting to reduce their high cholesterol levels is mad if they do not give it a try. It did what it said it would do. It lowered my cholesterol levels and makes me feel healthier than I ever have. Thank you for providing a review that made me give it a try. My body thanks you.

Response: I am just glad I wrote the review for you to experience success! Thank you Jock for sharing.

CholesLo Works

Jan 26, 2013 by Julie Olson

Hello, my name is Julie. After 7 weeks of taking CholesLo, I had a Cholesterol recheck. The results are fantastic. I lowered my total Cholesterol from 246 to 187; LDL from 146 to 98; HDL stayed in healthy range from 84 to 74; Triglicerides from 77 to 75; VLDL stayed same at 15. This is the first time I have ever had a total Cholesterol number under 200. This product really works! My husband just started taking it too! THANK YOU for such a great product!

Response: Hi Julie...that\'s great news! Thank you for sharing your results with us.

Sep 28, 2012 by Jeff

Must report that this product is very effective.It broke thru my stubborn high choles.levels that are due to genetics. Test numbers were cut 50% in 45 days. Thanks much

Response: Thanks for sharing your results Jeff. I am glad you found it effective in reducing your levels!

My Cholesterol Is Lower Now

Jul 16, 2012 by Kathie

I am so excited, I took Choleslo for 3 months and went back to my doctor he tested me and said my cholesterol on 4-3-2012 was LDL-134, HDL-40 and total cholesterol was-247. Now it is, LDL-89, HDL-39 and total is 193 this is what it is now. Thank you for this product it really works with no side effects.

Response: That is great news Kathie! Thank you for sharing your results.


Apr 23, 2012 by Rozalia Stoianovici

Hello I am Rozalia. I cant take any more Crestor. You can help me? I live in Romania.
How much it is CholesLo? How can buy this?
Thank you!

Response: Hi Rozalia, This section is reserved for CholesLo reviews, but yes CholesLo is shipped to Romania.

5.0 5.0 6 6 I started Choleslo 2 yrs ago. I went from 298 to 148 in 6 weeks. Doctors office couldn't believe it. Didn't get my next order until a few weeks after I ran out. At that time I had CholesLo
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